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E-Bike Service & Repair

E-Bike Services
Discover our professional e-bike services tailored to maintain your electric bike in optimal condition. Our committed team provides the following services at competitive rates.

E-Bike Service Pricing



Diagnosis includes:

  • Thorough diagnostic services delivered by our expert technicians to identify and address any issues your e-bike may be experiencing.

Tune Up

$150 (per hour)

Tune Up plus:

  • Comprehensive tune-up service ensuring your e-bike performs at its best. 
  • We charge $150 for each dedicated hour to enhance performance and longevity.



  • Convenient pick-up service available for your maintenance or repair needs.



  • Hassle-free delivery service for your serviced e-bike. We guarantee prompt and secure delivery after completing the necessary services.

Services Include:

Full Bike Safety Inspection:
   Our comprehensive inspection covers the entire bike, scrutinizing the frame, fork, components, and torque settings to ensure top-tier safety standards.

Frame and Component Wipe Down:
   We meticulously clean and wipe down the frame and components, leaving your bike looking polished and well-maintained.

Lube Chain:
   Our service includes expert lubrication of the chain, promoting smoother gear shifts and enhancing overall biking performance.

Shifter and Derailleur Adjustments:
   We provide precise adjustments to the shifter and derailleur, optimizing gear transitions for a seamless riding experience.

Brake Lever and Caliper Adjustments:
   Ensuring your safety, we meticulously adjust brake levers and calipers, enhancing responsiveness and stopping power.

Minor Wheel Adjustments:
   Our service addresses minor wheel adjustments, ensuring proper alignment and balance for a smoother ride.

Check External Connections:
   We inspect and verify all external connections to guarantee secure and reliable functionality.

Re-Tension the Wheel Spokes (Front & Rear):
   The front and rear wheel spokes are expertly re-tensioned, enhancing overall wheel stability and durability.

Post-Service Test Ride:
   To guarantee optimal performance, we conduct a thorough post-service test ride, ensuring your bike meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

"How often does my bike need maintenance?"

Rule of thumb: 

Service your e-bike every six months or per 750–1,250 mi / 1,207-2,011 kms of riding. However, this is a very loose estimate, and the best service routine is based on how often and intensely you ride.