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Previously enjoyed bike Inventory

Whether you are in the market for a good used bike or are looking to get rid of your old bike, LoweRiders has the solution for you.

Trade-in Policies

We will accept any trade in, as long as it was not purchased from a department store, such as WalMart, Target, K-Mart, etc. We will use 100% of the trade in value towards a new bike. If you believe your bike is worth more than trade-in value, we suggest consigning it with us. If the bike needs repair, we will deduct the value in order to fix the damages.

Some Bike brand examples that we do not accept  include; Schwinn, Magna, Mongoose, Huffy, Roadmaster, etc.


Why Should I Consign My Bike At LoweRiders?

  • We will Repair your bike at a discounted rate
  • We will post your bike on our website
  • Takes the hassle out of boxing and shipping
  • We sell it for you
  • Gets you cash in your pocket or money to put toward a new bike!

Consignment Policies

Depending on the value of the bike, you will receive a determined amount of the completed sale.

If the bike is $500 or less, the sale will be split 50/50.

If the bike is between $500 and $1000, the sale will be split 60/40.

If the bike is $1000 and over, the sale will be split 70/30.

Consignments are taken any time.

  • No department store bikes.
  • Bikes must be in working order.
  • Bikes must be clean.
  • We highly recommend replacing worn tires, as it will add to the value of your bike.
  • The final decision to accept a bike or item for consignment rests solely with LoweRiders Bikes and Boards.
  • The price of the consigned bike is fixed unless the consignor determines otherwise.

Checks will be mailed within 30 days of the expiration date.

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Used Schwinn Cruiser SS

This Schwinn Cruiser SS comes with Mix and Shimano components, including an aluminum, forged, riser Phantom stem and a steel headset.

Used Jamis Capri 24"

This used Jamis Capri is the perfect bike for a young rider. Built with an easy-riding lightweight aluminum frame, quality tires, powerful brakes and 7 gears to get over any hill, this bike is ready to have fun.

Electra Superbolt Boys 20"

This clean looking kids bike will catch the eye of anyone in the neighborhood. With it's sleek looks, comfortable technology, Cruiser hi-ten steel frame and a single speed with a coaster brake, this bike is the ultimate choice for a kid looking for fun.

Specialized Hotrock 24"

Awesome kids bike and perfect for introducing your child to mountain-biking on a local trail. Built with quality components that make the bike last, take any abuse, and ensures your kid will have a great time.

Used Schwinn Frontier 24"

This great used kids bike is a perfect bike to ride around the neighborhood, take to school, or take down any local trail. Built with components such as Shimano derailleurs, a Shimano Triple crankset, and 7 speeds to ensure your child a great time.

Used Trek Composite 2100 62 CM

This Trek 2100 is a classic beast of a road-bike that is built to last with quality components. An extremely durable and fast bike, this bike is ready to scale any hill and bomb down any decent with comfort and efficiency.

Used Trek 3700 13"

This versatile Trek 3700 is the perfect bike to rip down any local mountain-bike trail, gravel road, or anywhere through town. Built with quality components that make it last and continue to be super efficient on any ride.

Used Specialized Riprock 16"

The Specialized Riprock 16 is the perfect bike to get your little ripper out on the trails. But this bike is built for fun on all types of terrain. With Rhythm Lite tires that deliver tons of traction, comfort, and stability, this bike can do it all.

Used Specialized Crave SL Medium

This Specialized Crave SL ultra-lightweight mountain bike will fly through any uphill and bomb through downhills with great precision. Built with extremely good components such as Shimano hydraulics all built on a quality lightweight M4 aluminum frame.

Used Orbea Orca Medium

This Orbea Orca is a pristine road bike with quality components that make any ride easy and efficient.

Used Cannondale H300 Series S

This sturdy ride is ready for trips to the park, picking up groceries, rambles down dirt roads, and nearly anything you can dream up. Angular top tube is easy to step over, and 21 speeds give you the gear range to tackle any hill. 

Used Giant Revel 26"

This extremely versatile bike can do just about anything you need it to. Whether you're pedaling to work, through town, or hitting the trail, this bike can do it all.
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Bike Sales & Service
Bike and Ski/Snowboard Maintenance & Repairs
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