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Looking to cruise around the beach or boardwalk this summer? LoweRiders has a great selection of beach cruisers that will get you where you need to go in comfort and style. Wide tires and a comfortable seat make these bikes ideal for those lazy days of summer.

What is a cruiser bike? A cruiser bike, sometimes known as the beach cruiser bike, is a bicycle meant for casual riding, especially on beaches and their surrounding environment. These bikes are similar to hybrid bicycles and they are mostly used for recreational purposes rather than sporting purposes. Cruiser bikes are casual riding bikes which possess the following unique features:

  • Extra wide tires
  • Upright handlebar
  • Simple design
  • Large and comfortable seats
  • Coaster brake – backpedaling can stop the bike
  • Low gears

Although their rides are enjoyed on smooth and leveled surfaces, cruiser bikes perform well in various environments. They are available in different models, sizes, and colors. Therefore, every family member can acquire one of his or her own choice. Some cruiser bikes are designed specifically for use by men/women, but others are unisex. If you are a bike enthusiast, you need to have a cruiser bicycle in your home.-


We carry Jamis, Sun Bicycles, and Tuesday Cycles - visit our store to check out the great selection!


                          Jamis Recreation Bikes

                                                                          starting at $319

                                                               See All Jamis Bike Styles Here

Jamis designed Earth Cruisers to be kinder, gentler versions of their sport comfort Explorers. They’re simplified with easy-to-use one or three-speed coaster brake drivetrains without the complications of derailleurs or hand brakes to fiddle around with. In spite of their name, they’re not just for riding at the beach. They’re for any rider anywhere looking for a simple, lightweight, low-maintenance, good-looking bike they can casually and comfortably pedal around town all day, every day.

Sun Bicycles

                                                                            Starting at $419

See all SunBike styles here 


If you want to make a statement, the Cruz can help. A unique design combined with striking colors, retro modern styling, and a laid-back attitude come together in a premium package to deliver a bike made for fun. An extra-long wheel base, wide tires, and upright riding position make the Cruz ultra-comfortable, durable, and a pleasure to ride. Whether you spend your life at the beach or you're just a weekend warrior, the Cruz is sure to be your new favorite ride.


Tuesday Cycles Beach Cruisers

June Low Step model- prices starting at $265

Click Here for full Menu of Tuesday Cruisers

"Shirts and shoes optional! These rides are crafted for smooth cruising', sunny days, trips to the beach, and everywhere in between!"- Tuesday Cycles


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Jamis Earth Cruiser 1 Step-Thru 17 2022 Banan Appeal

Our cruise-control handlebars were designed to promote a comfortable no-weight-on-the-wrists riding position. With just the right sweep and rise, these handlebars meet the rider’s hands without requiring a forward bend at the waist, relieving pressure on


The Captiva is stylish, simple and perfect for cruising around in that salty sea air.

Jamis 2021 Boss Cruiser 7 17 Amber Wave

Seriously casual, this bike is designed to be low maintenance, built for comfort, but with the durability to be ridden every day for years on end.
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